After the vendor creates the RP and sets the price and inventory, the customer can complete the purchase on the chain.

Customers can purchase through ETH or other supported ERC2.0 tokens. When ETH purchases, they can directly generate the Token through RP when they pay directly to the contract. If you purchase through other tokens, you need to grant the option, authorize this contract in the corresponding token contract to operate the customer's token, and then this contract replace the customer to complete the payment to generate the RP room night token.

The specific process can refer to the following figure.


The process of refunding is exactly the opposite of the process of purchasing, except that the user needs to initiate an application before the refund.

The specific process can refer to the following figure.


If the purchase process has already been completed on the chain, the customer can check his order on the chain and the vendor can also check the corresponding order.

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